Beautiful Beetles by Lucy Arnold


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Come delight in nature’s colorful creatures, lose yourself in cosmic abstracts and revel in imaginary, surreal scenes of digital art.

Nature is my primary source of inspiration, and color my main mode of expression. It is often the small, intimate details of nature that attract my eye. I depict real species in my natural history paintings, as I can’t imagine life forms more wonderful and bizarre than those actually found here on Earth.

My most recent body of work is of poured acrylics, which I started in February of 2019. This medium is different from anything I’ve ever done. Countless techniques result in amazing, colorful abstract wonders without the use of a paintbrush. I do occasionally add a realistic butterfly or two, though, after the background painting has dried.

In my abstract mixed media and abstract pastel art pieces, inspiration is more internal and intuitive. I employ multi-layered colors to explore micro and macrocosms of energy, dimensions, and the cosmos.

Please contact me with any inquiries. I will be glad to answer your questions or direct you to the information you need. You can find my blog posts in News & Events, and find venues showing my art on the Exhibits page. For information on my background, inspiration and art techniques, visit the About pages.

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