Lucy Arnold's digital art: Peacock Gate

Peacock Gate

Peacock Gate is comprised of bits of my photos from a recent trip to Spain and Morocco. The peacock himself was found in the gardens of a royal palace of …

The Cottage by Lucy Arnold

The Cottage

This surreal, fantasy night scene was digitally created from photos I took in Alaska, Estonia, and right in my own backyard. The weird clouds over the moon are real, although …

Beauty Beyond the Net by Lucy Arnold

Beauty Beyond the Net

21×25 watercolor The Madagascar Sunset Moths, one of my very favorite insects, is featured in this watercolor painting. It’s the one toward the right. Looks like there’s a sunset in …

Autumn Passage by Lucy Arnold

Autumn Passage

Digital Art A surreal spiral stairway and columned archway lead the way through a garden in full autumn glory to a dream-like land beyond. I used countless bits of photos from …

Spa Days, digital art by Lucy Arnold

Spa Days

Digital Art Ahhhh…There’s nothing like a dragon-heated pool for a day of rest and relaxation! In this surreal fantasy, two stone figures enjoy a spa day while surrounded by the beauty …

Digital Art by Lucy Arnold: It's Complicated

It’s Complicated

Digital Art “It’s Complicated” is a digitally-created fantasy landscape composed of travel and garden photos plus digital painting. Photoshop was my art studio. The main characters are a towering dragon and a female …

Charaxes jasius butterfly AKA Two-tailed Pasha

Charaxes Butterfly

13×19 watercolor 19×25 framed The intricately patterned Charaxes butterfly, also known as the Two-tailed Pasha, is a stunning harmony of warm yellow to red hues plus black and cool greys. …

Spanish Moon Moth, Graellsia isabellae

Spanish Moon Moth

13×19 watercolor 19×25 framed The Spanish Moon Moth, Graellsia isabellae, has an ethereal beauty. Her graceful pale green wings are patterned with black and maroon. Eyespots adorn both top and bottom wings. My watercolor is …

Common Pink Forester Butterfly watercolor

Common Pink Forester Butterfly

13×19 watercolor 19×25 framed I couldn’t resist painting this gorgeous creature. The Common Pink Forester, Euphaedra xypete, is an African butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. This watercolor shows the underside of the wings, …

Silver Elements watercolor

Silver Elements

7×22 watercolor; 16×31 framed  31×16 framed This watercolor is a monochromatic still life study. I placed several natural objects on plain white paper on my desk, and then painted them. I …

Coral Reef Scene

Coral Reef Scene

22×30 watercolor Myriad colorful fishes populate a coral reef, and I featured some of my favorites in this watercolor painting.

Out of the Blue cosmic abstract by Lucy Arnold

Out of the Blue

15×22 mixed watermedia Light emerges from behind many different blue clouds and layers in this cosmic abstract.

Colorful birds in Festive Flock

Festive Flock

30×22 watercolor; 40×30 framed I chose forty-two of the most colorful birds in the world for this painting. Of course, there are a great many more than that, so I had to …

Revelation, surreal digital art by Lucy Arnold


Digital Art Is this a fairytale? A myth? You decide. A faun-like character emerges into a sunset of incredible beauty. The end of his journey is a revelation! I used …

Reflections on Plitvice Lakes

Reflections, Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Digital Photograph I took this photo of reflections on Plitvice Lakes while on a choral singing tour to Croatia and Slovenian in 2011. The Plitvice National Park, the oldest in …

Beautiful Beetles by Lucy Arnold

Beautiful Beetles

24×24 watercolor; 32x32 framed As I researched tropical insects for the “Amazon Insects” painting, I became fascinated by the incredible colors and patterns of beetles.  I decided to devote an ...
Amazon Insects by Lucy Arnold

Amazon Insects

24×24 watercolor; 32×32 framed In 2006, I journeyed into the heart of the Amazon jungle with my father and sister, both scientists.  My own background is biology as well as …

Caterpillars, Moths, Butterflies

Butterflies, Moths, Caterpillars

24×24 watercolor; 32×32 framed Butterflies (and moths) are a recurring theme in my artwork.  I don’t fight it.  I had never before, however, painted caterpillars.  I liked the idea of …

Moths & More Moths

Moths & More Moths

24×24 watercolor; 32×32 framed Moths are usually assumed to be the dull, drab cousins of butterflies, the well-known beauties of the natural world. Nothing could be farther from the truth! There are …

Butterfly Wings of the World butterfly art by Lucy Arnold

Butterfly Wings of the World

Wings Series 30x22 pastel; 38x30 framed Yes – l love to paint butterflies, and moths, too. Their beauty and variety are endless. Butterfly Wings of the World is the latest of ...