Hawaiian Fish by Lucy Arnold

Art of the Week

Hawaiian Fishes All the Way Down” was chosen as Art of the Week (Oct 16-23) on the National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW) blog.

I belong to the Golden Gate Marin branch of the NLAPW. It is a wonderful group of talented women. You can read about this local branch and its members on the website, goldengatemarinart.org.

The NLAPW blog contains this statement about the watercolor:
“Skin diving makes me feel like I’m flying slowly over an unbelievably beautiful, alien world. Tropical fish are simply amazing in their variety of gorgeous colors, so they are irresistible as painting subjects. I chose to represent only Hawaiian fishes in this watercolor, since I’ve only been diving in Hawaiian waters. Many are long-time favorites of mine, while others are found at depths below my reach. The trick was making a composition of only fish, with no background water showing. Thus, these Hawaiian Fishes do go all the way down!”