Autumn Color

This autumn has been quite colorful. The leaf display of vibrant fall colors is different every year, and this year is better than last year. I try to get a good look at the Japanese maples in our yard every day, as they constantly change – and will be gone soon.

Some young crepe myrtle trees were planted across the street a few years ago, and I went to over to admire them up close the other day. Inspiration for a new painting struck as I viewed the glowing warm colors against the robin’s egg blue sky. I took quite a few photos for reference, and then prepared a sheet of watercolor paper.

The leaves are lightly drawn, and I’ve started adding some color washes. It will all be wet in wet, but exactly how much I allow an area to dry before touching it with another color makes all the difference. Those small, inconspicuous crepe myrtle leaves look like huge magnolia leaves in the painting. I am taking lots of time between painting sessions, as it’s time to prepare for Christmas these days. It’s wonderful to have a painting in progress to turn to whenever I feel like it!