Birds, Bugs, Blossoms: One -Person Show

I will be having a one-person art exhibit at the Napa Library from Oct 1-31.
There will be a reception on Oct 12 from 6-7:30 PM, with an Artist’s Presentation at 6:30.

For the presentation, I plan to talk about my art background, sources of inspiration, past and current art projects, watercolor techniques – and whatever the guests would like to hear about.  I hope that there will be some questions to help guide me for the later portion of the talk.

A wonderful notice about the exhibit was published in the Napa Valley Register’s Art and Entertainment section today. Here’s the link:

Birds, bugs and blossoms 

(Please note that the correct time of the reception is from 6-7:30 PM, not 6-8 PM as stated in the article.)

There will be 20-25 pieces in this show, depending on what I decide at the actual installation.  It will be a mix of original watercolors and giclee prints.  As the newspaper article title suggests, most of the work will be representative of my natural history artwork.  (There may be just one small abstract piece off by itself.)  My walls at home will be rather bare for the month!