Eel River Watershed painting

I’m currently working on a watercolor painting of flora and fauna of the Eel River watershed. This piece was inspired by the founder of Friends of the Eel River. Once it’s finished and used to create prints, cards, T-shirts, puzzles, or any other products, I will donate a share of all sales to her wonderful organization. They do great work. I’m having a terrific time with it, too. I chose some of my favorite northern CA species of wildflowers, butterflies, frogs, etc. to include. Today I painted something I never thought I would have a reason to paint – a banana slug! (My alma mater’s mascot.) The piece is even going to include one of my very least favorite creatures: a lamprey. It is a resident of the river, however, and may be the reason the river is named “Eel”. I was really amazed to find there was a way to incorporate this wonderfully vile character that almost makes him look appealing. At least, he fits very nicely into the design, along with a salmon and sturgeon.
I’m finished with several weeks’ worth of preparation and drawings. Now is the fun part – doing the actual painting.