Finished Portrait

The final touches have been added to the basilisk and frogs, and I wanted to give you a closer look at the basilisk lizard’s portrait. I was especially pleased that his regal profile and arresting eye are quite close to how I remember them in the live specimen at the Academy of Sciences.

Meanwhile, the painting is now at the photographer’s studio. I am having a 4×5 transparency made, which will allow a full sized giclee print to be produced in the future. I’ll also have a low resolution scan done of the transparency, which will be all that I require for producing greeting cards and 8×10 prints. A much higher resolution scan will be made if a full sized giclee print edition is made. Since that scan by itself is about $100, I’ll wait till it’s needed.

I’ll post a better picture of the completed painting once I get back the digital scan to work with in Photoshop.

A scientific ID chart (for the lizard and frogs) will be the next step, as that will be on the back of the greeting cards and available with the original and prints.