Full Spectrum Altered Book

I created an altered book for the Marin MOCA annual Altered Books fundraiser. My altered book title is “Full Spectrum”.

Altered Book by Lucy Arnold

Here’s the exhibit info:
Marin Museum of Contemporary Art
7th Annual Altered Book & Book Arts Exhibition
500 Palm Drive, Novato, Ca 94949
April 23 – June 4
Opening Reception: April 23, 5-7 pm
Live Auction Closing Party: June 4, 5-7:30 pm

Here’s a short description of the idea and process behind my book:
Title: “Full Spectrum”

The idea:
I really love color. I also really love reading. When I’m not busy creating colorful artwork, I’m usually reading. This project allowed me to combine the two ideas. Books cover a full spectrum of topics and interests, and the colors we see cover a full spectrum of hues. I wanted a rather loose, sculptural look, so watercolor, my favorite medium, was the prefect choice for adding color to the pages. I used a whole rainbow of hues to achieve the “full spectrum”.

One book plus pages from a second book, watercolors, glue, staples

I opened one book midway and divided the pages into nine equal groups on each side. I painted each group with a different color at top and bottom. Once the papers dried, I cut each page to create uneven fringes, then tucked each group under and glued them in place. For the middle section, I cut pages from the second book. These were also painted in rainbow hues, fringed, then stapled together Each successive group on each side was cut shorter to end up with a “V” shaped bundle that could be glued into the middle of the original book. It can be viewed lying open or standing up.