Miniature Fantasy Shoes Gift Enclosure Cards


Choose from two different sets of 10 cards. Available in my Shop.  $10 per set.


These miniature shoes of polymer clay, intricately modeled and painted by hand, are each unique. No molds are used, and no two are exactly alike. The first one I ever made reminded me of footwear for an imaginary character from the Land of Oz. That provided inspiration for many more fantasy shoes, but some were also inspired by questions from my daughter. “Can you make one that looks like the moon? How about a mermaid?” Naming them is half the fun. In 2004, a HGTV film crew spent a day at my home filming the creation of a shoe for the “Crafters Coast to Coast” series. The shoes themselves are in private collections, but images of them are delightful as small (2×2) gift enclosure cards, available in my Shop.