Marin Baroque Valentine’s Day Chamber Concert

The second of the Marin Baroque Chamber Concert Series will be on Valentine’s Day at First Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo.  Now, I already made all the publicity materials for both the January 18 and February 14 concerts together.  (The poster can be seen on my previous post and further down on this one.)  However, Betsy (Marin Baroque’s Executive Director) and I thought it would be a good idea to publicize the second concert on it’s own, too.  We wouldn’t want anyone to forget about it!  So here is a poster for the second of Marin Baroque’s 2014 Chamber Concerts.

The image on this poster is adapted from my 22×30 pastel painting, “Energy Flow”.
Below is the poster for the two chamber concerts together.
The colorful abstract elements on that poster was adapted from another 22×30 pastel painting,
 “Infinite Life Force”: