New Art for a New Blogger

This is my first attempt at entering the world of blogging. As member of Worldwide Women Artists, I thought I’d give it a try.

I just finished a new series of watercolor paintings that I’m very excited about, and would like to share them. They combine my love of science, drawing, color, design, and whimsy. They are all in a square format, as opposed to rectangular. This helps give a subliminal impression of a mandala, which is what I intended. Each of the four paintings are of real insect species. The first is all wildly amazing Amazon insects surrounded by rainforest butterflies. The second is a variety of tropical butterflies and moths surrounded by a border of improbable (but real) caterpillars. The third is all moths, and the fourth is all beetles. I loved doing them! Now I have to think about where to exhibit them and write a new artist statement to accompany them.

By the way, have any of you other watercolorists come up with a good, archival tape to use to stretch watercolor paper to a backing board? I’m afraid the regular paper tape may discolor the edges over time.