New Butterflies Coming

I’ve had so much fun finding various ways to use those four moths and one butterfly from the series I painted for the the “Little Book of Metamorphosis” handmade art books that I’ve decided to start a second series.

The first series consists of: Ruddy Daggerwing, Death’s Head Hawkmoth, Funerary Dagger Moth, White-Line Sphinx Moth, and Regal Moth. They can be seen in the “Butterfly & Bug” gallery of my website:

Those original watercolor paintings are each individually framed, but are meant to be hung together. Right now, they look terrific hung in a vertical row in my kitchen! That’s the first use.
Next, they appear (in digital prints) in several handmade art books. The first hanging book is “Five Caterpillars, Four Moths, One Butterfly: A Hanging Book of Metamorphosis”. This is currently in an exhibit at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art. A very similar, second hanging book was made specifically for my big sister’s birthday present, so it’s on Bainbridge Island in Washington.
The other two books are “Five Caterpillars, Four Moths, One Butterfly: A Folding Book of Metamorphosis” and “A Little Book of Metamorphosis: Five Caterpillars, Four Moths, One Butterfly”. Very ungainly titles, I know!
Finally, those four moths and one butterfly are part of the new Bordered Butterfly cards.
All of these developments are all shown in previous posts.

The new series begins with a very colorful tropical butterfly of South America, Agrias claudina. It has vivid red and blue markings on the dorsal side of the wings, which is the side I painted. The underside has very interesting markings, but isn’t quite as colorful.
Check in again soon to see the next one!