Watercolor by Lucy Arnold

Autumn Collection

14×18.5 watercolor on paper. A collection of lovely autumn leaves are realistically painted in watercolor. They nestle together atop a soft blue background that complements the warm autumn hues. Click …

Colorful autumn leaves of Crepe Myrtle

Autumn Crepe Myrtle

22×30 watercolor One fall, I noticed that the little crepe myrtle trees across the street seemed to have particularly colorful autumn leaves. I went over with my camera and took …

Japanese Maple by Lucy Arnold

Japanese Maple

30×22 watercolor This watercolor painting was done from life – of the autumn leaves on a Japanese maple tree in my backyard. Japanese Maple was published in The Watercolour Flower Aritist’s Bible …

Fallen leaves of madrone, oak and bay watercolor by Lucy Arnold

Madrone, Oak, Bay

22×30 watercolor I live in an area of California where there are many hiking trails in oak woodland. This watercolor shows a collage of fallen leaves of madrone, oak and …

Leafscape pastel by Lucy Arnold


19×25 pastel I collected autumn leaves from the sidewalk. What attracted me more than the color was the sculptural quality. So nuanced! I decided to make a pastel painting that emphasized …



30×22 pastel One single leaf. It was beautiful. It was irrisistable. It was there, all alone, on the walkway of my backyard. I had to paint it. Pastels are so …

Autumn Leaves pastel by Lucy Arnold

Autumn Leaves

22×30 pastel This pastel is a very enlarged view of a few autumn leaves in all their intensely colorful glory. Click here to view the original in my Shop.