Mandarinfish by Lucy Arnold


12×12 acrylic on stretched canvas. Mandarinfish may be small, but they are just about the most colorful fish in the ocean. This painting features two of these amazing creatures on …

Poured acrylics by Lucy Arnold

Princess Parrotfish

12×12 acrylic on stretched canvas. The delightfully colorful Princess Parrotfish peers out from a poured acrylic background of deep, bubbly blues.

Poured acrylics by Lucy Arnold

Saddle Wrasse (acrylic)

12×12 acrylic on stretched canvas. The colorful Saddle Wrasse is one of my favorite fishes to see when snorkeling in Hawaiian waters. I’ve painted this fellow on top of a …

Coral Reef Scene

Coral Reef Scene

22×30 watercolor Myriad colorful fishes populate a coral reef, and I featured some of my favorites in this watercolor painting.

cone shells

Toxic Tango III: Cone Shells

24×24 watercolor; 32×32 framed Toxic Tango Series You would hardly expect these lovely shells would house venomous creatures, but they all do! Cone shells themselves are harmless once they are …

Toxic Tango I: Sea Slugs

24×24 watercolor; 32×32 framed These are all real sea slug species, unbelievable as they appear. It is the first painting of the “Toxic Tango” series. My intention is to depict …

Leafy Sea Dragon by Lucy Arnold

Leafy Sea Dragon

28×22 watercolor; 34.5 x 38.5 framed The Leafy Sea Dragon, Phycodurus eques, is a relative of the Seahorse, as you might suspect. This marvelous sea creature is found off Australia’s south and …

tropical fish of Kona

Kona Crowd

22×30 watercolor; 30.5×38 framed Skin diving is my favorite travel sport. It makes me feel like I’m flying over a very beautiful, alien world. (I don’t use an air tank, just …

Hawaiian Fish by Lucy Arnold

Hawaiian Fishes All The Way Down

22×30 watercolor Hawaiian Fishes, as the title implies, depicts only fishes that can be found in Hawaiian waters. This choice gave me some parameters as I decided which fish to …

Dragonets by Lucy Arnold


30×22 watercolor Dragonets, such as these mandarin fish, are wildly, vividly patterned with colorful stripes and spots when seen up close. These extremely beautiful little fish are found in warm, tropical waters …

Parrot Fish by Lucy Arnold


9×12 watercolor; 11×14 framed Coral Reef Series Could any fish be more fabulously colorful than a parrotfish? They munch on the coral, but I love them anyway. Click here to …

Handsome Crowd by Lucy Arnold

Handsome Crowd

30×22 watercolor; 35×28 framed Handsome Crowd features a selection of fish that are not the flashiest or most colorful, but which I find particularly handsome. Orangespine Unicornfish, Achilles Tang, Ornate Butterflyfish and …

Moorish Idol watercolor by Lucy Arnold

Moorish Idol

9×12 watercolor; 11×14 framed Coral Reef Series The Moorish Idol, with its long, trailing dorsal fin extension waving along behind it, is a lovely, graceful coral reef fish. Even the …



9×13 watercolor; 11×14 framed Coral Reef Series Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, or Humuhumu for short, is the state fish of Hawaii. This Hawaiian name means “triggerfish with a snout like a pig.” The …

Clownfish waterolor by Lucy Arnold


9×13 watercolor; 13×17 framed Coral Reef Series Clownfish, or Anemonefish, come in yellow, orange, red or blackish colors, often with white stripes or bars. They live in symbiotic relationship with sea anemones. …

Achilles Tang & Ornate Butterflyfish

Achilles Tang & Ornate Butterflyfish

9×12 watercolor Coral Reef Series I always look for the Achilles Tang and the Ornate Butterflyfish, two of my favorite characters, when I’m snorkeling in Hawaiian waters. They are so beautiful!

Saddle Wrasse watercolor by Lucy Arnold

Saddle Wrasse

9×12 watercolor; 11×14 framed Coral Reef Series There are other, even more colorful species of wrasse endemic to Hawaii, but the Saddle Wrasse is the one I see most often there. Like …

Bird Wrasse watercolor by Lucy Arnold

Bird Wrasse

9×12 watercolor Coral Reef Series The Bird Wrasse, or Gomphosus varius, is quite an amazing looking coral reef fish. Oddly, they cannot really be defined by gender and age. Instead, they are either …

Achilles Tang watercolor by Lucy Arnold

Achilles Tang

9×12 watercolor Coral Reef Series I always like seeing Achilles Tangs – they are such handsome fish! The Achilles Tang, or Acanthurus achilles, is a surgeonfish.  The Acanthuridae family of surgeonfish, …