Mussel Shell watercolor painting by Lucy Arnold

Mussel Shell

9×12 watercolor I brought the mussel shell and dried seaweed home from the beach one day. I made a few small paintings from them, in subtle, natural colors. In 2006, this …

Violet Jade Gems: purple orchid

Violet Jade Gems

22×30 watercolor This lovely purple orchid plant was a birthday gift from my parents one year. I knew the flowers wouldn’t last forever, and I probably wouldn’t be able to …

rose watercolor


9×12 watercolor I painted this rose watercolor as a demonstration for an art class when my daughter was in high school.

Pomegranate and persimmons watercolor by Lucy Arnold

Winter Fruits

16×24 watercolor; 23×30 framed Pomegranate and persimmon are the lovely fruits I associate with winter time. Warm, rich hues – and so delicious!  I added a few liquid amber leaves to …

Beauty in the Beasts by Lucy Arnold

Beauty in the Beasts

22×15 watercolor Beauty in the Beasts was inspired by a dream… I held several pets in my arms. I couldn’t tell you exactly what they were, but I was happy …

Feast Food by Lucy Arnold

Feast Food

26×20 watercolor; 30×24 Feast Food was created to benefit the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (Marin MOCA). Twenty four artists were invited from MOCA membership to create works based on dishes to be prepared …