Red Sandstone and California Butterflies


12×12 acrylic on stretched canvas in antique silver and black wood float frame.

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12×12 acrylic framed in antique silver and black wood float frame.

I’ve added two California butterflies to my poured acrylic painting, titled “Red Sandstone & California Butterflies”. It’s a hybrid painting, as I use two completely different techniques in it’s creation. The first step is a poured acrylic painting on canvas. The next step is to use a brush with acrylics to paint a realistic subject on the dried background. In this case, I chose to paint an underwing view of a Lorquin’s Admiral and a Gulf Fritillary, both California butterfly species. A Gulf Fritillary appears outside my studio all summer, enjoying the passion vine and lantana flowers. The Lorquin’s Admiral was new to me, but I chose him for his coordinating colors and interesting patterns.