Research for painting

I’ve begun researching frogs. Actually, I’ve now put together 12 pages of photo collages to use as reference material. Whenever possible, I include scientific names with the pictures to make it easier to make an ID chart later.

The orchids are already in my files, as I’m only using selections from my own photos. These, however, are not identified. I guess the painting will have an ID chart only for the animals.

I’ve started sketching lay-outs on large newsprint. I’ve developed a list of frogs I want to include, as well as where each one will go. Same with the orchids.

The four corner frogs will be a Tomato Frog, a Rainbow Burrowing Frog, a Horned Tree Frog, and a White’s (Dumpy) Tree Frog. Midway between these, at top, bottom, left and right, will be a Red-eyed Tree Frog, a Blue-webbed Gliding Frog, Pristimantis Rain Frog, and Varied Clown Tree Frog. I’ll fill in between these fellows with a large collection of different poison dart frogs.

Next, I started doing practice sketches of frogs in different positions. More details of their anatomy and proportions become clear as I work. After sketching about 28 frogs, I’m starting on the orchids.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get photos of the basilisk while I’m seeing the new “Extreme Mammals” exhibit at the Cal Academy with my dad and niece. I’ll work on sketches of him this weekend.

I decided to only use poison dart frogs that I can identify, so I now have that list ready.