I’ve created a few new polymer clay miniature shoes, since my collection has become somewhat depleted over the past few years. Online sales are lovely, but I miss some of my old favorites. Besides, it has been too long since I last made any imaginary Land of Oz shoes, and it’s really fun!

The first new one is a fantasy of greens called “Emerald City Special”. I can picture the Enchantress who might wear this number as she strolls the bustling high fashion district of Emerald City.

Next is “Munchkin Mayor”, which is an elfish shoe of sky blue lined in gold.

“Amethyst Elegance” is in a similar elfish style, but somewhat lower and heftier. It is a very rich, dark eggplant royal purple with a lighter lining.

Last, but not least of the new shoes is “Slinky”. It is a very svelt shoe in oxblood red, rising on a poison green snake heel with a smaller green snake coiled, ready to strike, as an ornament on the front. The heel snake sports shiny bead eyes, and peeks around the shoe.

An older shoe is going to be photographed and added to my Minaiture Shoe webpage as well. This one sort of looks like Mr. Toad’s wild ride, and it’s called “Roadster Rollerskate”. It sports thick white laces and blue balloon tires.

Creating these miniature shoes is escapism and art at the same time. It’s like reading a really fun fantasy novel. I’ll get around to finishing my autumn leaves watercolor painting eventually!