Time to Heal

Well, I did it. I fell on the tile floor of my kitchen and fractured my sacrum in two places. Darn. If only I could have caught myself… But the good news is that I should heal completely in 6-8 weeks. I do feel small improvements every day. The injury occurred April 4, 2015, as I was getting up to go get dressed for my niece’s wedding. Didn’t make it to the wedding, but I did get to see the bride and groom in full wedding regalia when they came to the hospital for a visit a few days later. That was on their way to their honeymoon. They dropped by (when I was home) on their way back, too! Mike is taking excellent care of me, but I can do more and more for myself. Still, I had to miss singing in the Marin Symphony concert. Not sure if I’ll be able to participate in the Marin Baroque fundraiser on May 31 or not, either. And then there’s the Marin Baroque opera in June… I’ll just have to wait and see how things are. Meanwhile, I’ve been amazed at the outpouring of love and support from everyone. Family, close friends and many art and singing acquaitances continue to send emails, cards and flowers. It is a real pleasure to see these lovely reminders every day.