“Tropical Paradise” completed for Art by the Inch Fundraiser

“Tropical Paradise” is the 8 ft x 4 ft watercolor I painted this summer and fall for the Art by the Inch Fundraiser at Marin Museum of Contemporary Art.
Finally done!  I certainly meant to post more pictures during the creation of the piece, but now the event has already come and gone.

My painting was just one section of a 100 foot mural of original art by Artist Members of the Museum.  The public was invited to purchase any part of the whole mural for $1/square inch.  I was very gratified to see that a good bit of my work was bought on the night of the event.  I am left with the leftover bits of my painting, and have already cut out and framed two small sections.  There’s more to play with.

I had my whole painting professionally photographed when it was completed, so I still have access to each and every bit of it to create prints and cards.  I’ve been working on makinga large number of card designs from details of the piece, and they will be available soon in the MarinMOCA gift store.  Of course, anyone can contact me directly if they’re interested in cards or prints.

MarinMOCA (Marin Museum of Contemporary Art) is located at 500 Palm Drive, Novato, CA 94949. The phone number is 415-506-0137.