Valentine’s Day Concert

Marin Baroque is sponsoring a Valentine’s Day chamber concert by Calextone, a wonderful early music ensemble of four women musician/singers. The Marin Baroque chamber chorus won’t be performing in this concert, but I still did all the graphics for publicity materials. I used elements from my very large painting, “Tropical Paradise”, choosing things that coordinated well with red, black and white. Once I began digitally isolating many different birds, blossoms, leaves, insects and butterflies, I kept going and made a sort of library of the images for future use. The next concert for the full Marin Baroque chamber choir and orchestra will be in March. The title of that concert is Birds of Paradise. Perfect! I’ve already worked on post card, poster, program and ads for that concert, using different elements from the same painting. All the graphics for that next concert, however, will coordinate with blue.