Framed Basilisk

Basilisk, Orchids, Frogs is now framed, and I’m really pleased with the light colored, but deeply textured wood frame I found. Suits it very well.

ID Chart

Here’s the completed ID chart for “Basilisk, Orchids, Frogs”.Only the animals are included, as I had no identification for my orchid photos. I used some common names as well as …

Finished Portrait

The final touches have been added to the basilisk and frogs, and I wanted to give you a closer look at the basilisk lizard’s portrait. I was especially pleased that …

Basilisk – front & center

Well, it’s very near completion. There is a suggestion of scales now, especially on the basilisk’s head. A bit more shading was added, as well as the details of the …

Basilisk continues

At this stage, I’m adding more shading as well as some definition of skin folds.

Basilisk takes shape

Here is the basilisk after about three layers of watercolor have been applied, allowing each to dry before the next is begun.

Academy of Sciences visit

I visited the Academy of Sciences today to see the new “Extreme Mammals” exhibit with my dad and niece, Amber. It was quite well done, and I learned a great …