Flora’s Holiday wins Award

Flora’s Holiday

I just found out that Flora’s Holiday, my latest digital art creation, won the Third Place Award in Marin Society of Artist’s exhibit, “Visions”.  I’m so pleased that other people seem to be enjoying this piece. It’s very different from all the watercolor natural history pieces that I’ve been doing for years.  My digital art works are made up of countless bits and pieces of my own photography, and the overall style is surrealistic. The individual elements are very colorful and realistic, but the end result is an imaginary landscape and story.
For this piece, I used photos from our 2013 trip to Italy plus some from my garden. Nothing is simply as it first appears.  Even the sky and sea are made up of many different layers and pieces of photos. The flowers on the Pantheon were created by combining individual and small groups of flowers isolated from many different pictures.  Every tiny thing gets resized and altered in other ways (in Photoshop) before being added. Flora’s Holiday is also the first piece I’ve had printed on metal.  The end result is visually very high impact. No frame or mat is needed, which is a plus.  Flora’s Holiday is being printed as a limited edition of 50 (on metal).  The first one sold from an exhibit at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, so this is only the second time the image has been shown anywhere.  By the way, the entire limited edition isn’t necessarily printed at one time.  I will have them printed singly as needed, but I keep a record of the edition numbers. The same is true for all my giclee prints on paper as well.