Toxic Tango I: Sea Slugs:

A new watercolor series is underway!

This one features beautiful, colorful creatures that also happen to be toxic, and the series name is “Toxic Tango”. Sounds like fun, right? The first of the series is just completed, and is “Toxic Tango 1: Sea Slugs”. I’ve been wanting to do some kind of painting involving sea slugs for quite awhile, and this new idea gave me the format I was looking for. The composition is even a sort of dance, as the concentric circles of slugs flow in opposite directions around a central figure. Similarly to “Beautiful Beetles”, it’s basically a mandala. The slugs have a lot more movement, though. Next bit of fun will be to put together the ID chart of their scientific names. I’ll post that, too, when it’s done.

Toxic Tango 1: Sea Slugs
24×24 watercolor