Pen Women Exhibit

I am a member of the Golden Gate-Marin branch of the League of American Pen Women.
(Whew!  What an unwieldy name!)
We are a fairly small group – about 15 – of artists.  Each year they hold one or two group exhibits, and this is my first with them.  One of the main goals of the group is to encourage young women artists, and to that end a $500 scholarship is awarded each year to a young woman who plans to attend an art college after high school.
The scholarship award winners are invited to exhibit with us.  The show is titled “Nurturing the Creative Spark”, probably in recognition of our efforts in this area.  I know many of the women in our local chapter from various other art groups I belong to in Marin County, and they are a wonderful, talented bunch!

I’ve put together two flyers for our exhibit, plus one group art piece. The group piece features small (4×4) black and white artworks created by most of our members.  The trick was arranging them all in an appealing design, with a balance of white and off-white backgrounds and making sure that similar styles/motifs were spaced apart.  This black/white piece, which is about 40″x25″, will be at the entrance to our exhibit.  Our show will be at the Marin Society of Artists Gallery in Ross, CA, from June 10-30, 2012.