Poured acrylics by Lucy Arnold

Red Sandstone & California Butterflies

12×12 acrylic on stretched canvas, framed. The underwings of two California butterflies, Lorquin’s Admiral and Gulf Fritillary, are featured against a marbled swirl of russet, browns and silver. This is …

Poured acrylics by Lucy Arnold

Red Wings

12×16 acrylics on stretched canvas in black float frame. Red butterflies float over a silvery, ringed background. Only alizarin crimson, black and white were used for these monochromatic butterflies, all …

Poured acrylics by Lucy Arnold

Red-spotted Purple Butterfly

11×14 acrylic on stretched canvas. The Red-spotted Purple butterfly wing colors echo the poured acrylic background of blues and gold. Click here to view original painting in my Shop.

Poured acrylics by Lucy Arnold

California Butterflies

12×12 acrylics on stretched canvas Three species of lovely California butterflies float over a background of mahogany and gold. The butterflies are the Monarch, Western Swallowtail and Red Admiral. Click …

Beauty Beyond the Net by Lucy Arnold

Beauty Beyond the Net

21×25 watercolor The Madagascar Sunset Moths, one of my very favorite insects, is featured in this watercolor painting. It’s the one toward the right. Looks like there’s a sunset in …

Charaxes jasius butterfly AKA Two-tailed Pasha

Charaxes Butterfly

13×19 watercolor 19×25 framed The intricately patterned Charaxes butterfly, also known as the Two-tailed Pasha, is a stunning harmony of warm yellow to red hues plus black and cool greys. …

Spanish Moon Moth, Graellsia isabellae

Spanish Moon Moth

13×19 watercolor 19×25 framed The Spanish Moon Moth, Graellsia isabellae, has an ethereal beauty. Her graceful pale green wings are patterned with black and maroon. Eyespots adorn both top and bottom wings. My watercolor is …

Common Pink Forester Butterfly watercolor

Common Pink Forester Butterfly

13×19 watercolor 19×25 framed I couldn’t resist painting this gorgeous creature. The Common Pink Forester, Euphaedra xypete, is an African butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. This watercolor shows the underside of the wings, …

Beautiful Beetles by Lucy Arnold

Beautiful Beetles

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Amazon Insects by Lucy Arnold

Amazon Insects

24×24 watercolor; 32×32 framed In 2006, I journeyed into the heart of the Amazon jungle with my father and sister, both scientists.  My own background is biology as well as …

Caterpillars, Moths, Butterflies

Butterflies, Moths, Caterpillars

24×24 watercolor; 32×32 framed Butterflies (and moths) are a recurring theme in my artwork.  I don’t fight it.  I had never before, however, painted caterpillars.  I liked the idea of …

Moths & More Moths

Moths & More Moths

24×24 watercolor; 32×32 framed Moths are usually assumed to be the dull, drab cousins of butterflies, the well-known beauties of the natural world. Nothing could be farther from the truth! There are …

Wings of the World by Lucy Arnold

Butterfly Wings of the World

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peacock spiders watercolor by Lucy Arnold

Toxic Tango II: Peacock Spiders

24×24 watercolor; 32×32 framed Toxic Tango Series All spiders are venemous to some degree, so any would qualify for the Toxic Tango Series. But colorful peacock spiders are also amazing! …

Bits of Flight by Lucy Arnold

Bits of Flight

30×22 watercolor This painting was inspired by feathers and butterfly wings that I found while hiking on Marin trails. I already had a peacock and blue macaw feather, so all the …

butterflies of California

Wings of California

22×30 pastel Wings Series All the butterfly wings in this piece are from butterflies of California.  Most of these species are rather small and inconspicuous.  It takes a closer look to …

Butterflies of North America butterflly art by Lucy Arnold

Wings of North America

22×30 pastel Wings Series All the wings in this painting are from butterflies of North America. I try not to repeat the same butterflies in paintings very often, so it helps …

Wings of Utopia

22×30 oil pastel Wings Series I do love painting butterflies, and they have appeared in my art all my life. I wanted to create a few large paintings that featured a …

tropical butterflies

Tropical Wings

22×30 pastel Wings Series This Wings Series painting features tropical butterflies. Given that there are so many fabulous butterflies in the world, I had to have some way of limiting my …